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This project was for a family of seven.  Their oldest son became quadriplegic after a gunshot wound, and had to be on a ventilator.  The house had to be modified for him to return home.  We came up with a design to meet their needs in a very small space.

This project was an effort of community support from Children's Center of Bethany, Serve Moore, Consolidated Builders Supply(CBS), Dolese, Sherwin Williams employees, local contractors donating their time and expertise.  

His father was concerned he would "just lay in bed" after the injury, so we brought a variety of games.  The family was always looking for resources, so when they found the Quad Stick, we purchased it and helped set it up.  When the father saw his son playing the game, he told us to come back and video tape, so we could show the world what is possible.  




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Oklahoma City, OK


Feb 2016 

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